There was a time when fashion trends were solely set by big fashion designers, and they still do that to a point, but not everything they put out there becomes a hit, sometimes it’s a swing and a miss. Also sometime in the past decades, things got revolutionized and fashion became trickled up a notch, and now all the cool trends are found in the streets. In the flight and the chasing of what’s cool, many become an elusive prey to the street cool. The streets are always casually alluring, crazy, sexy sometimes and little too sultry and stunningly and daring.

The paradox is that, the more cool-ish these independent fashion vanguards are, and bringing that mainstream to a cutting edge, the more the limits to the cutting edge are pushed. The first rule of hip is there is always a new cool. The act of creating and discovering what is cool and what is new, is what causes the fashion world to move on. And that explains the triumphant success and circularity of Nyne Lyves, a jewelry line started by a jewel designer, Zewidi famously known as Nyne.

Zewidi; What a sweet, sparrow, gorgeous little thing she is. Big breathtaking eyes and long legs and a creative individual, a fashonista with so much style and trendy that it is hard to imagine her getting ready in less than an hour, or two. Intensely creative with so much on her schedule, that even imagining her standing still for longer than thirty seconds puzzles. Quite outspoken and free spirited individual whose fashion wittiness has not only got her to be named as one of top 25 most stylish New Yorkers, but she’s also a Vogue style influencer accolade. “I could only vacuum in heels when I was younger!” says Zewidi. This beautiful designer/model/ poet and educator, says that her vision is to create options and to showcase various designs through jewelry designing. Creating new trends in fashion is an obsession with her, and she has the knack for that.

Fashion is not about the voicing of a coherent philosophy of what is or to cool. It's just a collection of spontaneous observations and predictions that differ from one moment to the next and from one fashionista to another. Nyne Lyves Jewelry started with heroine style nose chains and now, has become a fashion dynamo for women. As a jewel designer who has been at the top of her game for three years now, released a nine piece collection called NYNESOFMARCH mini collection from her Nyne Lyves on March 9. She’s been designing these for over a year and her latest crazy- sexy- racy collection is simply fabulous.