This Thing Called Freedom

Written By Pasteur Mudende/ Photo: King avriel

Written By Pasteur Mudende/ Photo: King avriel

Behind all forms of expression there is an element of desire, the love of life, and the love of living a liberated life with purpose. Paul Robeson once said that artists are civilization’s radical voice. In this newly released video called Freedom by King avriel, is evident that a liberated thought can free a nation.  One of the most defining functions of art is to help us imagine what it is like to be someone else, to live the life of another. It allows us to fit in someone else’s shoes and experience their pain or pleasure in given period of time.  

King avriel is challenging gender norms in every way she turns. “I wanted to juxtapose the song’s main theme with a metaphor that represents my recent name change.” Said King avriel. “Capital K and a lower case a, purposefully” she emphasizes. King Avriel explains about the song further “I had to fall in love with a man who was deeply affected by the pressures of living in a patriarchal society to realize that the struggles that men face are just as important, valid, and harmful as the ones that women face.”  About the video she said “In this short vignette, my love interest, a transgender model named Nick, has taken a sip of the proverbial Kool Aid. He has, like the vast majority of us, subscribed to the idea that gender identities (i.e. woman vs man/ masculine vs feminine) must match that of our physical anatomy or sex (i.e. male vs female.” There are a lot coded messages in the video that King avriel haven’t got a chance to address yet though she’s looking forward to expound on those in her feature interviews.

A great song usually comes out from the love, the pain, the struggle and the life experienced. It is evoked by a deep conviction of emotional release that then finds its way onto a paper, and eventually into a song. And if you’re one of those lucky few with a voice that people can appreciate like King avriel, then you’d know that these days,  it’s just a common courtesy to accompany that poetry with a killer video, directed by Napoleon Lewis. Here, we now have in our hands, a voice that could get us past the resistance of the oppressive culture and turn us into more respectful individuals. Such a talent.

Be amazed.