This Is A Lover's Rock

Written By Pasteur/

Written By Pasteur/

It’s a word that is never uttered with abandon, it is armored. It is synonymous with adoration and affection and it gets interpreted in our hearts as living thing. Love, it’s one of those words that sound so strong, mighty, glorious and yet so courteous. If Love would sing you a song, ever wondered how she would sound? Precious pearl in a wicked world that intensifies the yearning and the infatuation that weakens warriors, enslaves kings and feared by Gods. She does bless with a vocalized genuine feeling of amorousness enchanting your soul and gracefully steals your heart piece by piece.

Have you ever wondered how Love would look like? Her natural beauty that’s untouched, a smile that’s not from this earth and lips that will make a man lick his own lips. Her hypnotic personal charm complements her angel-like appearance. Perfect would only much one half of her beauty. If she looked in your eyes, the heart skips a beat.  And From Her Eyes I wonder, if she sees my heart skipping a bit.  

Her name is Mara Hruby, an outstanding beautiful young lady incomparable to none and truly gifted. The Oakland Indy-Soul singer gives us a taste of her stupendous classic style from the 1940s and 50s and tops it up with incredible, soul rousing collection of cover songs from her free debut EP “From Her Eyes”.  Needless to say, but the success of that album was instant and immense. With her angelic voice, she displays effortlessly what comes naturally. With her graceful voice, in her album she puts classically hit tunes that were sung buy male artist like Jamiroquai, Al Green, Bob Marley, and D’angelo. She says it’s to let people know her perspective as a woman. “It was important to me to give my perspective on the stories told by those men to display my powerful sensitivity.”

“A truly vintage fashionista.” Those inexorable words will pop in your brain once you lay your eyes at Hruby. She likes to wear her grandmother’s Nefertiti necklace when she is performing and a few handmade beaded bracelets that she herself makes. “You know, when you go shopping and you see things you like but they aren’t exactly what you want them to be?”  Hruby explains. “You go home, and you kind of recreate that and that’s basically how it came about.” She sells them on her website and after her shows. Her style reflects an elegant 1940s flavor; the beauty, glamour, fashion, and the persona of people in that era.  Mara Hruby is vintage to her last drop, from her headwear to her shoes, earrings to necklace and funky dresses. She is very feminine and she likes felling that way.