A Thesis Summer


Fans recall first being introduced to King avriel when she released her singles Prelude and Failed Messiah. Now, about a year later she has catapulted that breakout into successful career with quite impressive tracks. Her songs keep on getting better and better percolating into this new wave in R&B Indie and Alternative genre.

This summer, King avriel is giving us her much anticipated pretty killer album called Thesis. Known for her compassion, confidence and inspirational achievements (see her bio), it’s safe to say there are no typical styles and vibes into the songs, which makes this album astonishingly different and highly addictive.

Contrasting the disastrous songs that you might occasionally find in most R&B albums hidden in there somewhere, King  won’t do you wrong like that, nuh…she don’t play that! She doesn’t trade in easy labels or judgments. In a way Thesis is one woman’s indelible vision.

Thesis is a superb creation full of inspiring and a thought-provoking talent, with a knack of storytelling that accentuates the atmospheric life of King avriel.  You’ll be inevitably consummated once you hit play and beg for a replay.


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One Eighty

Meanwhile, somewhere in LA, as ceaseless battle against time continues, as we fight to create and express our feelings in such sophisticated ways, King avriel might have just won hers.  She kind of makes this “making-it in the male dominated industry” biz we hear about from our womenfolk look so effortless, plus she has a body that can make a grown man weep.