King avriel

Written By Pasteur/ Photo: King avriel

Written By Pasteur/ Photo: King avriel

Music represents a generation, an epoch, and an hour of moments cherished.  Music will take you between days of having or not having, between happy or sad, city or country, and yearning for someone or being with that someone.  Music will even bring back that sweet aroma of those beautiful times. Music can transport you, into the past or into the future you desire.

If I were to predict the future, King Avriel would be a screen saver on a teenage boy’s Ipad, a gangster rapper’s fantasy, (you know, Bonnie and Clyde) and a sexy prop used to sell those expensive designer jeans. And definitely Fashion Police’s favorite chic. What I’m saying is, King Avriel has it, she got it all. She’s one blistering hot bombshell. The symmetry of her face is authentically artistic, and “shock and awe” can genuinely describe her sharp cheekbones. Her skin tone complements the color of her curled hair, you’d think Vincent van Gogh and Einstein sat down together and solved the problem.

But that’s not all. She has an immense talent and a huge potential. Not just her beauty but her songs are liberating. She just released two songs that reveal the potential of this young singer.  One of the songs is called Freedom; in this drop you hear a dragging bass melody that sounds like it’s revealing a deep secret. While this melody puts you into an epic state of mind, all of a sudden you’re uplifted and swept away by her voice, smooth and clear echoing after each line and against the bass rhythm. And then comes a stunning set of fast bass drums which later turns into a slightly chopped hip hop beat. The story in this 1.40 min teaser is of a young woman that cannot let a man go. Though she feels the need to leave him she doesn’t want to hurt him.  

King Avriel’s music is a product of a restless generation, a generation that the fury of being misunderstood and stereotyped has to be dealt with. King Avriel’s career is at a stage where artist are still too wild to be pleased with a tranquil existence that doesn’t affect change and thoughts. Right now she’s not interested in a club-banger track that’ll hit the top 100 chats. Right now she’s just conveying her emotions, and expressing that which is sometimes hard to put in words. The evidence lies in her song Prelude. This song was inspired by the character Kiesha that appears in Kendrick Lamars Kiesha song. This song has a more calm rhythm but with very deep, heartbreaking and shocking lyrics. It truly takes a genius to broaden the massage, deepen the emotions and turn it into art the same time.

One thing about indie artists like King Avriel, is that they are as creative as they come. An Indie artist is a person who will bring out an issue in its naked form turn it into art. Such artists cross the line and show you the raw side of life that most would like to ignore. Her music will defiantly remind you of moments when writers, musicians, artists and nerds were the order or disorder of the day. Either way, amid this seething turmoil, King  Avriel’s music will add a new flavor into your music collection. Especially if you are a dream chaser, her songs will elicit the sentiments of your daily life.