Judgment Day/Valley Idols

It’s common that many prospective artists come and disappear without a trace. But one thing I can say with certainty is that King is not one of those. She’s one of those who came up without a trace. She releases track after track that sometimes it’s hard to imagine her asleep or resting. It’s easy to imagine her with a note book and pencil.  

Her 2nd single off her new upcoming project Thesis, opens not with a bang, but with the crisp opening notes and King avriel’s slow-burning voice. In this song titled Judgment day/valley idols, produced by Napo and Hasan Insane. There is no anger but it’s a sound of sadness and an undertone of disappointment.  

“The idea for the song came to me during a prisoner’s dilemma simulation in one of my classes. It reminded me of how, when I was younger, I tended to look out for others at my own expense in those kinds of situations. On surface level, it's about me taking the blame for an imaginary crime I committed with a partner. However, it is ultimately a metaphor for a more personal lived experience, how I covered up my uncertainty with a false sense of righteousness when making a tough decision, and the faith I drew on to help me find solace.”

There is a short, polite and reverential way that King avriel assures us that she is here to stay in Valley Idols. She says,

“No one’s supposed to be their own role model
Looking up to socialites and coked-out models
I made it out alive with a heart so hollow
Worshipping the shallow
In the valley of the fake idols”