Once again, temperatures have dropped, leaves are changing color and weather is very autumnal. The colorful Fall is here and it’s getting to be that time when we all get reminded of that cool winter breeze.  People have now started drinking coffee in the morning again and soups and casseroles are back at our dinner tables as we are trying to maximize that sense comfort in every way. And as for the closet, this season is all about keeping your style with a bevy of comfortable and yet style infused sweaters and warm accessories, augmenting that unique look that complements your own. A creative mind not only opens many doors, but it is also the most influential in every essence. The beautiful knitting loyalist and a St. Louis native Sarita Moody is the mastermind behind Feeling Moody Accessories. She claims that as soon as she learnt how to knit, it became her passion. With that passion, Sarita harnessed her imagination and dreamt up some gorgeous moody scarves. As an artist, she transforms the delicate simplicity of a knitted scarf into a bold, vibrant and yet a fashionable accessory.  Merging tradition and with creative innovations is what modern style is all about, and Sarita didn’t fall short of that moment of style. The scarves are designed in very cozy and yet minimal artsy way. Wearing Feeling Moody scarves literally can be like wearing a good mood.  Between crushes and fascinations of any rising trend, her accessories render that stylish look effortlessly.

Each scarf is an absolute statement