Fashion Attack

There was a time when fashion trends were solely set by big fashion designers, and they still do that to a point, but not everything they put out there becomes a hit, sometimes it’s a swing and a miss. Also sometime in the past decades, things got revolutionized and fashion became trickled up a notch, and now all the cool trends are found in the streets. In the flight and the chasing of what’s cool, many become an elusive prey to the street cool. The streets are always casually alluring, crazy, sexy sometimes and little too sultry and stunningly and daring.

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Once again, temperatures have dropped, leaves are changing color and weather is very autumnal. The colorful Fall is here and it’s getting to be that time when we all get reminded of that cool winter breeze.  People have now started drinking coffee in the morning again and soups and casseroles are back at our dinner tables as we are trying to maximize that sense comfort in every way.

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Silk or cotton, wide or skinny, plaid or plain, the necktie is an accessory that has broken cultural boundaries and survived centuries of the fashion world. The accounts of the past will tell you all sorts of things about the necktie.  Rulers wore it and the average man wore it. They wore it with contempt and at other times with pride. Though many people have reserved the necktie for special

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